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Emotions play a fundamental role when it comes to our behaviours; philanthropic initiatives are no exception. Numerous studies in psychology have examined how our emotional responses contribute to altruistic giving. However, there are two limitations to these studies. First, most studies have focused on a limited range of emotions, particularly empathy and pity. Second, those that have gone beyond empathy by focusing on positive emotions have limited themselves to one area of philanthropy: helping those in need. But what about philanthropic support for causes as diverse as social justice, animal welfare, the environment, art or science? The Swiss Center for Affective Sciences has conducted a pilot project to answer these questions, the results of which will be presented for the first time at this Philanthropy Lunch.

With the participation of Prof. David Sander, Prof. Florian Cova and Prof. Tobias Brosch.

Philanthropy Lunch, Thursday, March 25 from 12:15 pm to 1:30 pm, Zoom Webinar

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