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The Geneva School of Economics and Management, Open Geneva & UNIGE Career Services Center


Reinforce the sustainable finance community through :

  • Collective practice of innovation,
  • Career development and re-training (including soft skills),
  • Prototyping of science-backed innovation,
  • Product development through use-case bootstrapping.


A hackathon is a 24-hour collective intelligence moment to develop practical solutions to concrete problems. Nowadays, institutions recognize that social interactions, co-creation and pooling ideas at large are core to advancing innovation.
Participants with various expertise and cultural backgrounds meet and work together hands-on to overcome a challenge. In an informal, playful but dynamic environment, they (i) create non-trivial social ties, (ii) learn from each other’s diverse background and (iii) get pride from achieving together.
The hackathon way is instrumental to ground solid use cases, which may subsequently evolve into robust products or startups.


In the spirit of other hackathons conducted by corporates and universities across the globe, the Sustainable Finance Hackathon is a unique creative problem-solving moment. Over the course of 24 hours, it brings together some of the brightest minds from universities, international organizations and the private sector to solve non-trivial sustainable finance problems, such as :

  • Forecasting SDGs through earth observation, citizen science, big-data and artificial intelligence
  • SDG data backed asset pricing
  • Certification of sustainable finance products
  • New investment, lending and advisory strategies
  • Practical application of behavioral finance
  • User interfaces to encourage impact investment
  • Integrated market mechanisms to account for the SDGs
  • Legal tech for accountability and transparency at scale
  • For more information, discover the challenges worked on during the 1st edition of the hackathon in October 2019.


This year we welcome challenges from other Financial Centers for Sustainability, with the help of

  • UN Environmental Program | Financial Centres for Sustainability
  • Green Digital Finance Alliance
  • Global Green Economic Forum 
  • Global Citizen Capital
  • Tsinghua x-Lab
  • Grown in Africa Fund (GIAF)


The Sustainable Finance Hackathon is held in preparation to the Building Bridges Week & Summit, which is a premiere sustainable finance conference in Geneva bridging financial institutions with international organizations.  The next Building Bridges Week is scheduled to be held in Feb/March 2021 (t.b.a.).


Although the Sustainable Finance Hackathon is scheduled as an hybrid physical/online event, the evolving COVID-19 situation may require it to be held  entirely online.