CISA researchers have recently been awarded SNSF grants.

Dr Eva Pool received a SNSF Ambizione grant for her project entitled "Individual differences in emotional learning underpinning vulnerabilities to compulsive reward-seeking behaviors”. The aim of the project is to investigate whether we can model the individual differences during Pavlovian learning - one of the most fundamental form of emotional learning- as a framework to identify risk profiles to compulsive reward seeking behaviors (e.g., addiction, gambling, problematic internet use, or binge eating).

Dr Donald Glowinski obtained a SNSF Spark grant for his project entitled “Sensors-based behavioral analytics for simulation-based interprofessional team training”. The aim of the project is to develop team behavioral analytics using a sensor-based approach to enhance and improve team safety management in simulation-based interprofessional team training (SITT).

Roberto Keller obtained a SNSF Doc.CH grant for his project entitled “On the Normativity of Correctness”. The aim of the project is to inquire upon the notion of correctness by determining what it means for something to be correct or incorrect, how judgments of correctness provide us with normative guidance, and how correctness relates to other normative concepts such as values, norms, and reasons.