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Speakers :

Nicolas Favez, Professor of Clinical Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences

Edouard Gentaz, professor in psychology of sensory-motor, affective and social development in the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, based at Campus Biotech. 

Moderator: Romaine Jean, journalist, communication and media consultant

For more than two months, millions of people had to retreat to their homes, abandoning public space, colleagues, friends, leisure and extended family. Alone or with family, we found ourselves locked in our homes. We have had to adapt, manage our stress, live behind closed doors with our partner, with our children, go to school, telework. We had to agree not to visit, not to touch people we love, explain to our children that they cannot kiss their grandparents. Our relationship to each other and to ourselves has been disrupted. Recently, the relaxation measures have made it possible for us to finally find ourselves again. But what will be left afterwards? What psychological effects were felt during the crisis? What resources have we used to cope with them and how will they enable us to come out of it now? 
Between isolation, fear and resilience, it is with Professors Edouard Gentaz and Nicolas Favez that the discussion continues.