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World Federation of Public Health Associations, Campus Biotech

The adoption of a health in all policies approach for every country, and for the development of immunization policies to guarantee the public’s health and prevent the spread of disease has been core advocacy for the World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA) for many years. 

WFPHA International Immunization Policy Taskforce is organising the webinar Making Immunization Interventions Successful to sustain the development, adoption and implementation of key vaccination policies internationally and at the country level.

During this webinar there will be a discussion on COVID-19 and Phase II and an extended Q&A session will be dedicated to your burning questions. 

Top-level speakers from around the world will be discussing successful interventions to celebrate the importance of countries adopting strategic approaches to ensure the highest level of vaccination in each community.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Prof. Michael Moore AM, Immediate Past President of World Federation of Public Health Associations.
  • Prof. Walter Ricciardi, World Federation of Public Health Associations President Elect. 
  • Dr Rasul Baghirov, The World Health Organization, Representative for Samoa, American Samoa, Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau
  • Professor Carla Magda Allan Santos Domingues, National Immunization Program in Brazil, Former Coordinator
  • Dr Eva Kabwongera, Health Specialist, UNICEF

This is a free event - registration required

This event is supported by the University of Geneva with sponsorship by Pfizer.