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On September 14th, AMLD will host the tracks AI & Risk in Financial Institutions and AI & Online Business. On September 29th first round of physical workshops will be hosted and followed by the track AI & Physics on September 30th. 

AI & Risk in Financial Institutions
Financial institutes spend a significant proportion of their budget on risk and compliance, and the expectation is that this figure will only grow with increasing regulation and market complexity. Thus, there is a large pressure on this sector to achieve better risk coverage and give greater assurance with less resources. The hope is that this will be achieved by digital transformation, with Artificial Intelligence as one of the essential ingredients.

AI & Online Business
This track addresses the application of Machine Learning and data products in general to business models that share the important aspect of online user interactions, and ultimately depend on the monetization of its user base. These include but are not limited to online media, online advertisement, online games, online marketplaces and classifieds.

AI & Physics
The first installment of the AI & Physics track at AMLD2020 broadly examined the AI / Physics interface. The AI & Physics track at AMLD2021 will focus on specific subdomains that target improving physics data analysis with the tools of ML and understanding ML models with the tools of physics. The track will contain three sub-sessions covering (i) inference and anomaly detection, (ii) Statistical Physics for understanding ML, (iii) ML for quantum technologies. These topics address key questions of how AI can improve the capability to perform scientific measurements and identify spurious signatures that may be signs of new physical behavior, how ML in the high dimensional limit can be understood through the lens of theoretical physics, and how ML can inform the design and control of quantum experiments.

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing sanitary situation, the tracks will be maintained online however the organisers are looking forward to welcoming members of the public to attend some of the workshop sessions in person at the SwissTech Convention Centre on the EPFL campus in Lausanne. The tickets this year are sold for specific workshops and are subject to showing a COVID certificate upon arrival. Find more information about these in our FAQ's here.

Tickets can be purchased here.