The OAW includes two rooms equipped respectively with electronics and mechanics semi-professional tools for individual unsupervised work.

The Electronics Workshop has been equipped with 4 hooks workstations, a power supply, digital multimeters, a synthesized function generator, an oscilloscope, two soldering stations, one desoldering station Weller, capacitance and resistance decade boxes, wish boards, different cables and wires, connectors, electronic components (resistances, capacitators, transistors, sensors..).

The Mechanics Workshop includes an Uprint Stratasys 3D printer, a Trotec Speedy 100R laser cutter, 2 solid benches, drills, a motosaw, a sewing machine, different tools, and a computer workstation with SolidWorks.

The OAW are fully operational Monday to Friday (9 am-6pm) since June 2016.