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In partnership with the Bertarelli Foundation, the Defitech Foundation and Medtronic, EPFL created a world-class research centre, the Centre for Neuroprosthetics (CNP), which concentrates its activities on the issues of rehabilitation, brain-computer interfaces and the development of new prosthetics. Thanks to the association of specialist skills in the areas of neuroscience, engineering and medicine, the centre develops new therapeutic solutions that exploit technological revolutions in biomedical imaging, biotechnology, microelectronics and information technology.

The research subjects include:

  • Walking again - restoring sensorimotor functions after lesions of the spinal cord,
  • Rehabilitation and cognitive augmentation - controlling robots by thought, brain-computer interface, virtual reality treatments, portable technologies for medical treatments,
  • Rehabilitation of sensorimotor functions in upper limbs - provision of technological tools for sensorimotor neurorehabilitation, particularly after a cerebral vascular accident,
  • Bionic hand - restoration of sensorimotor functions after amputation of the arm or hand.

The Centre for Neuroprosthetics is equipped with 8 chairs and employs close to 170 collaborators and numerous students.