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The methods & data facility of the Foundation Campus Biotech Geneva (FCBG) is starting the second module of the NeuroImaging Data Science (NIDS) course. The course is organized around two modules – data science and neuroimaging. The data science module (bash, git, python, machine learning) is now completed and the neuroimaging module, mostly focused on MRI (program below), will start on February 24th.

Because of the pandemic situation and now that the course is fully online, there are no more restrictions on the number of participants and registration is now re-open for additional participants. Please note that while attendance to the first module is not required to attend the second module, it is essential to be familiar with the first module content (how to type bash commands, how to use conda, Jupyter notebooks, Python modules, and how to use scikit-learn). Registration is FREE but MANDATORY by filling the form here.

  • FAIR data, Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS)
    • WED 24 FEB 10AM-12PM
  • Preprocessing pipelines [mostly applied to MRI but EEG featured]
    • WED 03 MAR 10AM-12PM
  • GLM analysis [MRI]
    • WED 10 MAR 10AM-12PM
  • Machine Learning applied to fMRI task [MRI]
    • WED 17 MAR 10AM-12PM
  • Machine learning applied to functional connectivity [MRI]
    • WED 24 MAR 10AM-12PM
  • EEG-MRI project example [mostly MRI but EEG featured]
    • WED 31 MAR 10AM-12PM

Looking forward to seeing you at the course!

Michael Dayan for the Methods & Data facility, FCBG