mai 27, 2020

Venture Kick's jury awards Emovo Care CHF 150,000 to help people who have difficulty using their hand thanks to a robotic orthosis.

Emovo’s robotic glove helps people who have difficulty using their hands, particularly in post-stroke situations. Based on founder Luca Randazzo’s doctoral research at EPFL’s Brain-Machine Interface Lab at Campus Biotech, Emovo Care’s core technology are patent-protected artificial tendons that enable the creation of a unique device, that can actively open and close the hand through lightweight, wearable, and modular components.

The Emovo solution, a motorized exoskeleton, will offer the first connected tool for functional hand movement for at-home use to millions of underserved stroke patients. Emovo will use Venture Kick’s support for the development of its MVP and prepare for sales. The team is currently raising CHF 1 million to launch its first product on the Swiss market in 2021.