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NCCR Synapsy Conferences aim at promoting productive scientific exchanges among researchers focusing on the mechanistic bases of psychiatric diseases. The Conferences are conceived around research domains relevant to psychiatry, exploring these mechanistic entry points from a broad range of angles, spanning the whole spectrum between basic neuroscience and clinical psychiatry.
The first two NCCR Synapsy conferences were held in April 2016 and January 2018 at Campus Biotech in Geneva. Highly distinguished basic and clinical scientists attended the Conferences, which were received with great enthusiasm.
Following the success of the first two Conferences, the 3rd NCCR Synapsy Conference will again aim at being a major international event in the fields of neurobiology and psychiatry. Each session will include a lecture by a clinician working in the field of psychiatric disorders. The 3-day Conference will be held at Campus Biotech in Geneva on 26th - 28th February 2020. The anticipated size is about 200 participants. There will be six main plenary sessions and one poster session. One day 3, there we be special joint sessions focused on translational psychiatry with short talks from Synapsy students and students from the International Max Planck Research School for Translational Psychiatry.
The program will consist of six main plenary sessions, each focusing on one major cognitive function and the topics covered will include “attention and cognition”, “neuromodulation and reinforcement learning”, “sensation and perception”, “social interaction and predictive coding”, “microcircuit development and function”, “stress and mood” as well as “translational psychiatry”. Each session will aim to link basic neuroscience to themes that are pertinent to psychiatry, and numerous prominent speakers (both clinicians and researchers) will discuss the latest developments in the field.