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Campus Biotech Innovation Park

Avenue de Sécheron 15,

1202 Geneva (CH)

Max Planck Society

A scheduled flight arrives from a region where vaccinations have started to be orchestrated using transmissible viral vaccines. Rather than vaccinating by conventional individually administered injections, instead genetically manipulated viral vaccines transmitted from person-to-person are released to efficiently vaccinate entire communities. However, the law in the flight disembarkation country is unambiguous, such mass medication is prohibited in their constitution (there is also an effective conventional vaccination program in place for the disease in question). Should the passengers, some of whom may be currently infected by the viral vaccine, be permitted by airport staff to leave the plane? 
What may have been at one stage a regional scientific debate about the safety and benefits of a hypothetical viral technique has become an acute global political and humanitarian issue. 
This is one of the questions we plan to tackle using a panel of experts and questions and comments from the audience.  This will be an extension of a debate held earlier in the day at the Palais des Justice.  There will also be the public premiere of a short explainer animation entitled: Going viral?.