The "workshops" open access workshops for Biotech Campus researchers include two rooms equipped respectively with semi-professional electronic and mechanical tools for unsupervised individual work.

The electronic workshop includes 2 workstations equipped with suction arms, a stabilized power supply, digital multimeters, a function generator, an oscilloscope, two welding stations, a desoldering station, assortment capacitors and resistors, cables and wires, various electronic components, etc.

The Mechanical Workshop includes a Uprint Stratasys 3D printer, a Trotec Speedy 100R laser cutter, two workbenches, a drill press, a sewing machine, various manual power tools, a computer workstation with SolidWorks, and more.

The workshops are operational from Monday to Friday (9h-18h) and are located on the 4th floor of building 3 above the cafeteria in the laboratory area:

  • Mechanical room: B3-04 230.126
  • Electronic Room: B3-04 236.126

Three compulsory and separate courses are delivered for:

  • The autonomous use of the workshops, training of good conduct and discovery of the equipment available
  • Standalone use of the 3D printing machine
  • The autonomous use of the laser cutter

The workshop rooms and trainings are managed by FCBG technician Mathieu Vionnet, under the supervision of HEPIA engineer Fabien Moreillon and Sébastien Granon of the FCBG.

Requests for training and advice in relation to the use of tools and machines should be addressed directly to Mathieu Vionnet or to the address workshop (at)

Mathieu Vionnet's office is located in the HEPIA area of the Laboratory of Microtechnology and Bio-Instrumentation in front of Workshops B3-04 223.118.