Mar 04, 2021

Explore the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence

"That's AI" is a new free online resource that aims to explain in a simple way the basics of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It will help you understand how AI technologies apply to our daily life, our work and change the world around us.

You will know all about the fundamentals of artificial intelligence: its definition, its history, how it is already part of our everyday life, how it "learns", and what its building blocks are.

In addition, you will be able to find out more about how AI impacts all facets of our lives. How will AI influence the way we watch and practice sports? How can we explain to our kids that Alexa, Amazon's personal digital assistant, is not just another person? How can AI simplify our jobs and give us more freedom?"That's AI" aims to help you expand your knowledge, so that you can form an informed opinion. The concepts of artificial intelligence are approached in a fun and playful way, and are illustrated  with concrete examples from the world around us. Discover at your own pace and according to your personal schedule what the most important technological evolution of our time represents.

Enjoy your reading!

The EPFL Extension School team

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