Mahsa Shoaran and Diego Ghezzi were awarded eSeed interdiscpilnary projects among the five selected by the School of Engineering

The eSeed grants, which support interdisciplinary projects within the School of Engineering, aim at funding the initial phase of high-risk, high-promise projects between two labs of the faculty. For the first edition of the eSeed funding scheme, two CNP labs (among 5 funded projects in total) were independently awarded seed money. 

Mahsa Shoaran, head of Integrated Neurotechnologies Laboratory, and Volkan Cevher, head of Laboratory for Information and Inference Systems, are developing learning-based ASICs for neural interfaces.

Diego Ghezzi, head of Medtronic Chair in Neuroengineering, and Christophe Moser, head of Laboratory of Applied Photonics Devices, have joined forces to work on the restoring visual sensation with retinal prostheses.

Congratulations to both!