Feb 03, 2020

Flux Laboratory/ Foundation and Campus Biotech have been collaborating since 2019 to instigate a dialog between their artists and scientists through artists residencies at Campus.  Based in Geneva and Athens, Flux Laboratory/ Foundation is an experimental, multidisciplinary space which produces creative work and reflection through encounters with the world of dance, art, philosophy, music, technology, media and businesses.

Julie Semoroz, a Swiss sound artist, will be in residence in Prof Didier Grandjean's lab (UNIGE-CISA) from 17 February to 26 March. Her residency focuses on body vibrations and emotions.

Alice Miceli, a Bresilian artist, will be in residence at the Institute of Global Health (UNIGE) until the end of March. She got an EOFA (Embassy of Foreign Artists grant). Her research, patterns of Contamination, is focused on a new body of work based on creating photographic visualization systems for the contamination patterns of endemic diseases.