The Bertarelli Foundation Platform in Gene Therapy just moved in on the 5th floor of Campus Biotech’s B3 building. Its new 180 m2 premises will allow for even more collaborations with the researchers from this vibrant science hub in Geneva. Almost three years after its launch, made possible by a CHF 5 million donation by the Bertarelli Foundation, it will strengthen relations between all the research teams of Campus Biotech, among them EPFL’s Center for Neuroprosthetics.

The platform is mostly specialized in developing viral vectors, aimed at delivering drugs capable of binding directly on defective parts of DNA – mostly in cases of brain diseases.
Since its launch, the platform has developed viral vector technologies for the treatment of genetic forms of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and deafness. In addition, the platform is now establishing a process for the production of a gene therapy vector for the treatment of blindness using an optogenetic approach. “With the aim to continue developing innovative approaches for gene therapy, we are very pleased to join at Campus Biotech a vivid and rapidly growing scientific community dedicated to translational neuroscience”, says Bernard Schneider, head of the platform.

Annonce du lancement de la plate-forme (mai 2017)
Plate-forme Fondation Bertarelli de thérapie génique (PTBTG)