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Campus Biotech, H8

The Swiss Genomics Forum I #SGF19 I organized by the Health 2030 Genome Center, will bring together researchers, clinicians, patient communities, and other stakeholder groups to meet and discuss about the future of genomics.

The following themes will be explored at the SGF2019:

  • Genomics: opportunities and challenges
  • Diseases: latest genomics based diagnostic and therapeutic approaches
  • Personalized Health: relevance and impact of genomic medicine
  • Data: legal and ethical issues around sharing patient data
  • Collaboration: strategic partnerships

Background of the event:

Genomic analysis is at the forefront of research and clinical developments around the world. Leading countries in research including the USA and the UK have made large public and private investments to develop sequencing capacity and the necessary data analysis tools for research and clinical use.

Existing genome centers with ambitious projects have offered exceptional resources to the research and clinical communities and have led efforts to integrate genome sequencing in clinical practice.

As genome analysis becomes commonplace in research and clinics, Switzerland has much to offer in terms of scientific strength, quality of its healthcare system (including universal coverage) and detailed patient phenotyping.

You will find the program, the registration details and further information at the following link: