Lieu / Hôte

Campus Biotech

Conversations around research I 09.30-13.00

As part of the EPFL 50th anniversary celebration, the Vice Presidency for Research is delighted to invite you to a special event dedicated to scientific research, with a particular focus on the work undertaken at Campus Biotech. This meeting between EPFL researchers and the key actors of the society they serve will consist of short presentations interspersed with moments of dialogue with participants. The event will enable you to discover some aspects and results of the collaboration we are privileged to build with our partners and friends.

NeuroDay 2019 I From 13.30 onwards

The NeuroDay is an EPFL initiative to federate research and collaboration around neurotechnology, neuroscience and simulation neuroscience, highlighting the breadth of neuro research across EPFL. Organised jointly by the Brain Mind Institute, the Blue Brain Project and the Center for Neuroprosthetics, NeuroDay 2019 will address a wide array of topics ranging from fundamental to translational research. The event will end with a closing networking cocktail.

EPFL looks forward to welcoming you to this event at Campus Biotech.

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