Related programs

The first centre to integrate the premises on Campus Biotech, in November 2013, the Swiss Centre for Affective Sciences (SCAS) aims to develop research into affective science, facilitate academic exchanges and promote links with the city in the field of affective sciences. SCAS is the first centre in the world dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of emotions and their effects on human behaviour and society.

SCAS has welcomed, since 2005, the National Centre of Competence in Research into Affective Sciences (NCCR for Affective Sciences), one of 21 NCCRs in Switzerland financed by the Swiss Confederation and administered by the Swiss National Fund for Scientific Research. It brings together psychologists, neuroscientists, doctors, philosophers, historians, literary experts linguists, social science experts, economists, computer technicians and includes members of 5 Swiss universities as well as those from Geneva (Berne, Freiburg, Lausanne, Neuchâtel and Zurich).

The NCCR for Affective Sciences aims to develop research programmes and form the next generation of researchers through an ambitious doctoral and post-doctoral training programme, by placing the emphasis on the impact and value of interdisciplinary research.

Finally, the NCCR for Affective Sciences regularly develops research partnerships with the public and private sectors, placing the impact on emotions, for example in the domains of health, human resources, art and consumer behaviour.