Tissue Engineering Laboratory

The team

The tissue engineering laboratory, managed by Professor Luc Stoppini, was the first to start operations and was able to respond very quickly to questions about biocompatibility tests or the resistance of different electrode networks that will subsequently be implanted into either animals or humans. In effect, the laboratory is specialised in the production of in-vitro human nerve tissue derived from stem cells. One of the planned projects is to implant in nerve tissue cultures and follow over many weeks the resistance or degradation of these interfaces over time. The visualisation of nerve tissue on electrode networks can be performed using different microscopes and, in particular, with a confocal microscope.

The laboratory can also provide other researchers with a rapid prototyping studio, which is equipped with laser cutters and several 3D printers. For several years, the group working under Professor Stoppini has been developing biochips that integrate biological tissues and sensors in the aim of modelling different pathologies in-vitro or testing chemical molecules present in the environment and food.